2024 LCI Congress Abstract Submission

Surfing the Wave of Lean Design and Construction

2024 LCI Congress Call for Abstracts

26th Annual LCI Congress • San Diego, CA • October 22-25, 2024


Join us in San Diego this fall to share your Lean journey with other industry leaders committed to Lean practices. This year San Diego serves as the hub for the 26th Annual LCI Congress, where LCI provides stories and peer-led knowledge sharing.

With four tracks to support various areas of interest within the growing Lean community, the program is crafted to be relevant for everyone from frontline field leaders to top executives. We are seeking timely, relevant stories with a dose of inspiration to help attendees take their own next steps on their Lean journey.

Help us celebrate the many aspects of Lean journeys happening every day on job sites, in trailers, and in design and construction offices around the country.

Explore the tracks below and decide where your story and lessons learned fit into the LCI Congress. These are guidelines for your submission but feel free to cover other aspects of your Lean journey.



Surfing the Wave of Lean Design and Construction


Riding the Wave of Mutual Respect: Project Startup

Navigating the Flow for Excellence: Field Execution

Harmonizing the Voyage: Optimizing the Whole Project

Cultivating Waves of Change: Scaling Continuous Improvement


2024 Congress Tracks

Riding the Wave of Mutual Respect: Project Startup

This track explores the fundamental role of respect and collaboration in the initial stages of design, preconstruction and construction. We welcome submissions demonstrating innovative approaches to project management, case studies of successful integrations, and strategies for balancing various project elements to start the project off on the path to high performance.

  • Stories on team selection and building the right team
  • Stories of onboarding to grow a Lean culture from the start
  • Stories of implementing and measuring Lean innovation in the design space
  • Insights on leveraging BIM Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) with a Lean mindset
  • Insights on leveraging prefabrication and industrialized construction to deliver more value to clients and project teams
  • How to leverage technology to improve team building and planning

Navigating the Flow for Excellence: Field Execution

This track is centered around the integration of flow enhancement, waste reduction, and value maximization in the construction industry. We are looking for presentations that showcase streamlined operations, efficient resource management, and effective value delivery to clients. Submissions should illustrate how these principles come together to improve field execution and safety practices, with a preference for case studies, innovative technologies, and practical management solutions that enhance productivity and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

  • How a Lean program can develop the next generation of field leaders
  • Innovative practices that can optimize production, decrease waste, and promote safe practices
  • Supporting a Lean mindset in the field
  • Tools, technology and processes that your team is implementing during construction (Last Planner System®, Takt Time, 5S, Daily Huddles, Gemba Walks, A3 Thinking, Just in Time Delivery, Problem Solving, Visual Controls, SCRUM, etc.) How have they added value? What improvements have you realized and where can you go from here?

Harmonizing the Voyage: Optimizing the Whole Project

Presentations in this track should concentrate on holistic project optimization, addressing how to integrate and synergize all project phases, levels, and partners. It’s an invitation for presentations showcasing how fostering a mutual respect culture leads to more effective team dynamics, innovative problem-solving, and a more engaged workforce.

  • Methods and tools to maintain project wide focus on “optimizing the whole” not just individual parts
  • Best practices for developing a Lean mindset across all stakeholders involved in and impacted by the project
  • Innovative tools and methods to instill a culture of continuous improvement across the entire project, especially examples of tapping into the brain power in the field
  • Facilitating a Lean culture & demonstrating behaviors across the project, best practices in on-boarding, sustaining engagement, respecting one another and recognizing people
  • Practices to establish and sustain a healthy team dynamic that respects all people while simultaneously challenging ideas and the status quo to find better ways

Cultivating Waves of Change: Scaling Continuous Improvement

This track seeks presentations on the implementation and scaling of organizational and cultural changes at the broader enterprise-wide, geographic and market levels.  We encourage talks that delve into continuous improvement methods, successful change management, repeatable solutions, and the integration of technology and tools. Submissions should highlight how these transformative approaches enhance performance and adaptability, mirroring the continuous evolution akin to navigating the ever-changing waves in the design and construction industry.

  • Scaling Lean implementation beyond the project and across the operations
  • Embedding a culture of continuous improvement across the organization and having the systems to support organizational learning across the enterprise
  • Achieving alignment across the enterprise on efforts to eliminate waste and create value
  • Using organization-wide metrics, scorecards and visual controls to maintain focus and drive behavior
  • Coaching for “Lean leadership” throughout the organization to enable improvements as close to where the work is occurring as we can get

Choose from two options to tell your story—you will be able to designate your choice in the form below:

  • Presentation:
    (Approximately 45-minute time slot to present a Lean story, which includes 10 minutes for Q&A). Note that some individual presentation teams will be asked to present on a two-presentation panel.
  • Live Lab—Short inspiring demonstrations from the trenches:
    (20 minute time slot to demonstrate a Lean tool or process, which includes 5 minutes for Q&A.)
    • We all eventually see little wins when we commit to continuous improvement. Live Labs are little or big wins that can be demonstrated with visual clarity in about 15 minutes or less, helping other design and construction professionals visualize what a win can look like and how they might apply the tool or process to improve their own work.
    • You might share:
      • your “win” involving your well-organized gang box that helps your crews be more productive and waste less time hunting for tools and supplies
      • your rules or tactics for running productive and collaborative meetings
      • a tracking tool (manpower or material orders and deliveries)
    • Please share ideas like these or others that can be implemented right away on another job site at our Live Labs. If it is possible to bring the tool physically, that would be ideal.

If you have a compelling Lean story to tell that does not fit into any of the above presentation tracks, the 2024 LCI Congress planning team still encourages you to submit.

Abstract Submission Deadline:

March 5, 2024

Speakers will be notified by:

May 9, 2024

Presentation outlines and registration deadline:

July 12, 2024

Final presentation submission deadline (with 1 draft submitted prior):

October 9, 2024

Once your abstract is submitted, it will go through a detailed selection process by the 2024 LCI Congress abstract review team. If selected, you will be notified if your abstract was accepted as a Presentation, Live Lab, or both.

Congress Tips for Abstract Success:


  • Align with the 2024 Congress theme.
  • Clearly identify a challenge(s) and provide a solution(s) for attendees.
  • Provide robust learning examples and takeaways for attendees.
  • Discuss challenges and failures that were overcome by using Lean thinking and tools; leverage lessons learned.
  • Identify waste reduction or elimination.
  • Emphasize specific Lean tools for success that can be applied right away.
  • Congress presentations are not intended to be commercials or advertisements for specific products/services. For example, a sales pitch for a software product your team may have utilized should not be the sole focus of your presentation.
  • Simplify your message:  Provide in-depth focus the core elements, concepts or practices implemented versus covering many topics.
  • Include clear visual(s) and video(s).

Presentation team:

  • Feature speakers from cross-functional roles, i.e. owners, designers and trade partners.
  • Have at least one LCI corporate member speaking.

Questions? Contact Joan Piccariello. 

Note: Once you make your selection (Presentation, Live Lab or Both), additional fields will appear.