Lean Construction Institue 2022 Congress - New Orleans, LA

Keynote Speakers

Get inspired and energized by this year’s keynote speakers!

Each speaker will share their unique story of overcoming challenges and obstacles as related to the 2022 LCI Congress theme, Lean Gumbo: The Right Ingredients for Project Success. Learn more about our exceptional keynote speakers and join us at Congress to hear their insights!

Carla Harris, Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Topic: Intentional Leadership Carla Harris will speak to vulnerabilities shared by aspiring leaders of all stripes and explain how one must be intentional to be influential and make an impact. She will highlight the eight essentials of powerful leadership — authenticity, building trust, clarity, creating other leaders, diversity, innovation, inclusivity, and voice. Carla’s message of consistency, being intentional, and holding people accountable is impactful for Lean practitioners endeavoring to honor the core Lean principle of respect for people.

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Andreas Phelps, Principal and Founder, The Collective Potential

Topic: Transformation, The Nature of Work Andreas Phelps will share personal examples of how Lean principles are applied in his life and work, and how these can be generalized to anyone’s personal life, project teams, and organizations. He will discuss foundational behaviors key to embodying Lean in all aspects of design and construction—and freeing up resources for the things that matter most. Andreas will elaborate on how managers can strategically leverage the social and technical characteristics of their project teams, processes, and tools to build trust and learning.

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