Congress Overview


Core Program – Wednesday | Thursday

  • Explore curated sessions for every stage of Lean learning, including advanced breakout sessions, through four unique tracks. Visit the interactive program for topic and speaker details.
Theme and Presentation Tracks

Discover the presentations that mean the most to your Lean journey with four tracks built around the overarching theme of Learn by Doing from Those Who Do:

Leveling Imbalances in Lean Learnings:

When companies adopt and normalize Lean behaviors, they begin to see the shift to Lean culture. The presentations in this track will demonstrate how Lean knowledge is shared across teams, covering topics including:

  • How do you drive Lean into every corner of your project team/organization?
  • How do you meet team members “where they are” on their Lean journey?

This track will help you engage with other professionals whose objective is to identify Lean imbalances and take the right steps to fill those gaps.

Lean Learnings from Prefabrication:

Implementation of prefabrication and offsite manufacturing methods on projects have the potential to improve schedules, quality and safety. This is done by engaging in early focus on those elements, reducing the congestion of installation forces on site and pulling portions or all of the building into a controlled environment for manufacturing. Engage on questions spanning:

  • How should the different project partners, including owners, designers, general contractors, trades and inspection authorities, come together to maximize the impact of prefabrication on a project?
  • How have you created a holistic (from design through execution) approach to prefabrication on your project?

Presentations will cover lessons from the design desk, the shop/plant and the project site in effectively planning for and implementing prefabrication on your projects.

Lean Learnings from the Field:

These presentations will emphasize how Lean practices are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of work being put in place, with a focus on topics including:

  • What unique practices have been adopted by your field personnel to optimize installation, decrease waste and promote safe practices?
  • How do stakeholders (the design community, general contractors, owners, trade partners and consultants) drive Lean practices in the field to deliver better results?

This track will help organizations build their playbook and gain new resources for their toolkits.

Lean Learnings from the Design Community:

In this track, you will learn best practices for implementing and measuring Lean innovation in the design space. Presentations will highlight the integration of Lean efforts in the design process and the effect on implementation, including:

  • How can design drive Lean delivery during the design process and bring in relevant parties from conception to closeout?
  • How can the design community bring value to projects through Lean thinking and thus optimize flow?

These presentations will help you better understand how to integrate Lean principles into the Design Phase and/or internal Lean journey and maximize implementation throughout the project life cycle.


Build and strengthen your connections with peers across the industry. The LCI Congress is the ideal setting for networking and collaborating within your worldwide professional community. Connect while taking part in Lean learning together, during planned networking breaks in the program, and at social events including the Exhibitor Sneak Peek Reception on October 19.

Learning Day – Tuesday

Earn continuing education credits through your choice of 25 engaging, hands-on courses on various Lean topics. Options include Introduction to Lean Project Delivery, Introduction to Last Planner System®, Introduction to Target Value Delivery, and Effective Big Room. View the interactive program for the full list and to see how many spots are open! Register for the Core Program first, then add your choice of Learning Day sessions.

Gemba Day – Friday

Learn through Lean in action at off-site project visits spanning industry, higher education, and healthcare settings. Register for the Core Program first, then add your Gemba Day visit. Visit the interactive program for details on each site visit:

  • Arizona State University Multi-Purpose Arena
  • DIRTT’s Lean Culture Transformation
  • Northeast Ambulatory Care Center (NEACC)
  • Arizona State University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7 (ISTB7)

Take Part in Congress Live Labs for Hands-on Learning!

Learn key Lean concepts through an interactive, dynamic approach—and come away with actionable new skills to enhance your work immediately!

We’ve integrated two days’ worth of valuable Live Lab demos into the Congress Core Program. Focus on immediately applicable field skills while connecting within your greater design and construction community. Each Live Lab hits quickly on one topic and hands-on best practices to make you more effective. Our Lean Champions and presenters work to make each Live Lab innovative, engaging, and useful to you.

Live Labs take place in 40-minute sessions, with most comprised of two 20-minute presentations. Capacity is capped at 100 attendees for each Live Lab—sessions are filling up now! Register and sign up today.

Learn more about each Live Lab in our interactive agenda:

  • Live Lab 1 LPS/Safety
    How a Trade Partner Uses Last Planner System in the Field
    Rapid Improvement Events Used to Quickly Identify and Reduce Waste and Risk
  • Live Lab 2 Daily Huddle
    Huddle Up! Team Collaboration on the Daily Game Plan
    Power Up your Huddle: Real-Time Daily Huddle Live Lab
  • Live Lab 3 BIM
    How Mid-Sized Firms Use BIM Ideas and Digital Tools to Improve Lean Collaboration
    Imagery Overlay with 3D Models to Track Work-in-Place and Resolve Conflicts
  • Live Lab 4 Field Tools
    Langston Craft KATA I Capability to Development Capabilities
    Are We Done Yet?
  • Live Lab 5 Innovation
    Bridging Layout Gap between Field Team and BIM Team Using Robotic Layout
  • Live Lab 6 Focused Conversation
    Facilitating for Better Feedback
  • Live Lab 7 Scrum
    RFI Scrum to Level Imbalances in Information Flow during Construction
  • Live Lab 8 Visualizing Project Information for Active Flow
    Digital Kanban Board Used for Daily Huddles, Meeting Agendas & Minutes
    Developing a Client-specific Dashboard
  • Live Lab 9 Productivity
    Kaiser San Rafael MOB Project Implementing New Processes to Promote Value and Success
    Tracking Productivity—Why PCC Can Provide a False Sense of Security
  • Live Lab 10 Team Strategy
    Picking Winners: How to Identify which Partners You Want on your Team and Why You Want Them There
    Everything Is DAAHSome! A Story of Field Team Alignment & Perseverance