Who will you meet at the 2021 LCI Congress?

Greetings! The Lean Construction Institute staff is so excited to be back in-person from October 19-22 in Phoenix for the annual LCI Congress! We are working extra hard behind the scenes to put together a welcoming and educational event for our attendees to collaborate at this year. Whether you are a seasoned LCI Congress attendee or new to Lean implementation in design and construction, you are probably curious about who the other attendees are.

Let’s break it down:

General Contractors make up a little less than half of the LCI Congress attendee demographic. As you probably know, general contractors are responsible for the day-to-day oversight of construction sites. They also are responsible for communicating information to all involved parties throughout the course of a project. General contractors make up the majority of the Congress audience and provide invaluable insight to other attendees about what works and what doesn’t. At Congress, you’ll learn from their unique perspectives as they share their experiences with best practices on projects around the country.

Owners and owner representatives’ account for roughly twenty percent of Congress attendees. Owners attend Congress to better understand how Lean approaches and methods work and improve the quality of projects they are contracting out for. They also get the chance to build their network, gain new perspectives, learn the latest innovations, and elevate Lean practices with their peers.

Trade partners make up about one tenth of Congress attendees. Trade partners put critical work in place, such as installing mechanical, electrical, process piping, and plumbing systems. They also provide materials and supplies to projects. Their insights on project management are unparalleled and they can propel a project towards success with their fine-tuned skills. Connecting with trade partners at Congress is a value-add for anyone in attendance.

Designers and architects make up approximately fifteen percent of attendees. Designers and architects are among the first players in construction projects. The Lean approach has designers and architects working collaboratively with other market segments from the beginning and keeps them integrated throughout the project span. This differs from traditional design-build projects and typically has a much better outcome, avoiding re-work by keeping everyone involved throughout. Designers and architects learn the latest Lean strategies in design while connecting with other Lean practitioners across the industry.

Consultant, association, and academic attendees collectively make up about ten percent of Congress participants. They support the design and construction industry in various ways, including research, coaching, and educational offerings.

Why the LCI Congress? Since 1997, LCI has held an annual Congress to bring together Lean professionals from different markets with a similar objective—to improve and advance the design and construction industry through Lean solutions. Year after year, we see repeat attendees find new value through timely and relevant presentations, sessions for every level of Lean learning, and the exceptional connections and collaborations that happen at Congress.

There are many opportunities to network with other LCI Congress attendees during meals, presentations, getting coffee in the exhibit hall, at the golf tournament, during the exhibitor reception, and in the downtime between it all. We know you will walk away from the LCI Congress with new contacts, new ideas, and new ways to immediately integrate Lean practices into your work.

Market segment data is provided by comprehensive LCI Congress attendee tracking from the years 2019 & 2020.