Thinking About Submitting an Abstract for the 2021 LCI Congress?

The 2021 LCI Congress will be taking place October 19-22, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ. The Congress planning committee is looking for stories of challenges, successes, and lessons learned when project teams utilize Lean approaches and methods.

Tips for Submitting

When submitting an abstract:

  • Be specific about which Lean approach or method improved the project.
  • Explain what steps were taken to successfully integrate the Lean idea within your organization.

We want to know exactly how Lean improved processes through your abstract!

What’s the Process?

You may be wondering how the abstract submission process actually works. Let’s break it down:

  • Teams who are submitting abstracts collaborate and come to a consensus about their presentation topic.
  • One team member will fill out the LCI Congress abstract submission form.
  • The Congress planning team impartial abstract review committee will review each abstract and rank them. Each abstract is reviewed by three members of the abstract review committee.
  • Rankings will determine which abstracts make it to the next phase of the review process.
  • The abstract review steering team, comprised of about 10 individuals, will review and make final selections
  • All submitters will receive a response after the review process is complete. The review team will let them know if they have or have not been selected to move forward in putting together their presentation for Congress.

The LCI staff and Congress planning committee are confident that the abstract review process is both impartial and fair. Every year, we are impressed with the inspiring Lean stories and knowledge our abstract submitters share, and we know this year will be better than ever.

The abstract submission deadline is March 2, 2021 by Midnight EST.

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