Pick your LCI Congress sessions by learning about specific program tracks!

Hello all! Where has the time gone? Registration for this year’s congress event is in full swing and we are happy to have you all aboard. With any major event, you might be asking yourself “what is the main takeaway from this year’s event?” Well, hold on to your hard hats because we are about to dive right into it. This year’s theme is “Learn by Doing from Those Who Do”. We have a variety of industries that attend our events, and it is important to know how Lean is implemented in each one of them. By understanding and seeing the versatility of the use of Lean in diverse industries can help you become a more divergent thinker and professional in your designated field. How might this be implemented during this event? Well, I’m glad you asked because we have a variety of tracks with related presentations to help you make the most out of your experience at the 23rd annual LCI congress event.

The first track is Leveling Imbalances in Lean Learnings. This track will help you engage with other professionals whose objective is to identify Lean imbalances and take the right steps to fill those gaps. When companies adopt and normalize Lean behaviors, they begin to see the shift to Lean culture. Some of the main themes for the presentations in this track include the “How” when implementing Lean principles in the workplace and recognizing strengths in the team by identifying organization skills and where the team is on their Lean journey.

The second track is Lean Learnings from Prefabrication. The main theme in this track will focus on the life cycle of project implementation. Implementation of prefabrication and offsite manufacturing methods on projects have the potential to improve schedules, quality, and safety. This is done by engaging in early focus on those elements, reducing the congestion of installation forces on-site, and pulling portions or all of the building into a controlled environment for manufacturing. The presentations will cover lessons from the design desk, the shop/plant, and the project site in effectively planning for and implementing prefabrication on your projects.

The third track is Lean Learnings from the Field. The purpose of this tract is to help your organization build its playbook and gain new resources for your tool kit to help aid in project management and become successful. The presentations in this track will emphasize how Lean practices are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of work being put in place, with a focus on topics associated with identifying practices adopted in the field to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and promote safe practices to deliver results.

The last track we have is Lean Learnings from the Design Community. The presentations in this track will help you better understand how to integrate Lean principles into the Design Phase and/or internal Lean journey and maximize implementation throughout the project life cycle. You will learn best practices for implementing and measuring Lean innovation in the design space by gaining an understanding of how to bring value to your projects and understand the delivery design process.

The overall theme with these tracks is to help you better understand the industries that use Lean practices and how they can all be proficient! With that being said, it’s time to conclude and focus on the months ahead. If you haven’t yet registered for this year’s event, act now and share this event with others in your network so that we can help aid people to become more successful and proficient in their designated field. Be sure to follow us on social media and until next time, stay Lean!