LCI has worked to support you; it’s time to return the favor

Much of what the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) does on a daily basis goes on behind the scenes without much fanfare — member services, training and education, owner outreach, and dozens of local Community of Practice meetings are just some examples of their ongoing efforts to transform our industry. The most high-profile initiative the Institute undertakes is the LCI annual Congress, the conference and trade show that draws more than 1,500 attendees from around the country. I think we all were looking forward to this year’s conference, which was scheduled for mid-October in Detroit. But with COVID-19 cases spiking in many parts of the country — including Michigan — the LCI Board voted a couple of months back to host Congress as a virtual conference rather than an in-person event. That decision seems particularly wise in hindsight given the ongoing surge in COVID cases nationwide.

LCI’s dedicated staff works tirelessly on behalf of the industry to maintain programs that help transform project performance, enhance productivity, and spark continuous improvement efforts. At no time have they worked harder than in the past several months, adjusting strategic initiatives, moving LCI events to virtual formats, and adapting to ever-evolving market conditions brought on by the pandemic. In addition, they’ve had tremendous volunteer support from the Congress Planning Team, presentation champions, speakers and Learning Day instructors. They’ve all stepped up for us, so now it’s time for us to step up for them, and fully support the upcoming virtual Congress.

Embrace this year’s conference by using the money you’ll save traveling to and from Detroit to register as many of your team members as possible for the virtual Congress, and take a look at the many sponsorship opportunities available this year. LCI will be indebted to you for your support, and we’ll come out of the COVID pandemic stronger than ever, and better positioned to deploy Lean Design and Construction for the benefit of all project stakeholders.

Mike Staun

2020 Chair
LCI Board of Directors